Friday, 6 June 2014

Racesafe Under 18 Championships 2014

Day 1

Journey went without any hitches, no blow outs (due to 6 new tyres ) we were not going to take any chances!
We arrived to thick mud and having to be towed on by tractor, it was pouring with rain, not the greatest start!
We had our rider briefing, sooo much information to take on board, the main thing that concerned me was that the buck stopps with me, apparently I am responsible for my team (basically Mum). So came straight back to the lorry and hid the wine ! Then........ Mum lost the lorry keys with everything locked in the lorry! (I actually put a haybale on top of them, but we will skip over that part). At the same time we found out that I was on first for trot up. Our neighbour Tor Gloag very kindly lent us some plaiting bands and a comb, I plaited whist mum turned the lorry inside out! The keys were found (under the hay bale, how we all laughed) and we headed to the trot up, I was dressed as cat woman and as I was first on, I got a lot of very funny looks from the pony team whose trot up was obviously in formal clothes, I needn't of worried bob the builder followed me and someone in a tutu, I thinks they got the idea! I was so worried about the trot up and when they announced no 1, Carraig Dubh accepted, I felt like whooping!! I walked the xc course with Caroline Moore and then once we worked shout how the generator worked........ we had tea and pretty much crashed by 10pm.

Day 2
Dressage, I was first on (obviously), to be honest I was a bit nervous, I don't usually get nervous but I think first on and felt I had a lot to prove . It was a solid test, he was much more in front of my leg and jaw was not as tense. The medium trot work could have been a bit more balanced but I was pleased and it was an improvement on Aston 2 weeks ago. So with a whole day ahead of me, we walked the course again, had lunch, a little afternoon kip and then I got back on Danny to stretch his legs. Another rider briefing, another walk of the course, this time we did our minute markers, by now I had got a bit nervous, then about 9pm Tina called, half an hour on the phone to her made me feel so much better, I promptly fell asleep straight afterwards. I know I am incredibly lucky to have someone like Tina to turn to. So another early night as I am SECOND ON. Final dressage result 46.2, 11th after the first phase.

Day 3

We got up at 6 to feed Danny and I wanted to get on at 8 to give myself a good 40 mins to warm up, all was going well until I tried to knock myself out in the lorry. Took me a few moments to recover from that, then we were off! Caroline helped me warm up and right on time 9.02 we were on our way. To say his was strong was an understatement, even though the course was not as big as some we have done, it was technical and caused a lot of problems. some of it was not pretty but we went clear inside the time. Yay! Yay! Yay! Lots of icing and washing off and walking, we satisfied the fei vet and team vet and went back to the stable. Next trot up for team vet and physio at 2.30pm went well and we spent the rest of the time in the sun, walking Danny in hand. That evening the juniors had a hog roast and we watched a film of the pony Europeans at bishop burton, which is where the junior Europeans are being held this year. Actually a really great evening, finishing with a final walk of the show jumping course, I would describe it as technical with some large fences. Final result after cross country 8th place going into final trot up.

Day 4

Show Jumping day.... Safe to say I was feeling nervous!
He passed the trot up and looked great!!
The SJ was causing a few issues, poles were rolling and time penalties were clocking up.
Danny warmed up super and then it was my turn 8th from the end to go.
He was jumping well, in fact he was jumping absolutely huge, he was going awesome but sadly he just tapped the last which was a shame but I was still over the moon with the way he went!
Watching the rest of the SJ was incredible tense and very exciting, Connie did an amazing job and had an awesome win!!!
Danny boy and I managed to get in the top 10 with a 6th which I was absolutely chuffed with, he has been on such good form this year being very consistent.
I had such a great weekend met some lovely people!!!