Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The beginning of the story of Boo....

Boo was born in 2008, at Bourne Hill, her daddy is Dramatic who was the 2008 world dressage champion and her mummy Toscana, a mare with jumping lines.

Last week Fiona Bigwwod and Anders Dahl very generously offered Boo to me. So Lisa and I went to pick her up from Cass' at Hickstead where she had been educated for a month. She stayed a week at Fiona and Ander's so that I could ride her a little and get the feel of her. I had a sit on her and WOW well she can move. She is so genuine and lovely and just needs some one on one with someone! So I agreed to take the challenge.

She came to us on Saturday and she has proven no challenge as of yet. She is so quiet, loves a cuddle, only likes her field for a couple of hours and after that she just stands there waiting to come in. She adores her stable and has made friends very quickly with the other horses.

Sunday mum gave her a light lunge and she was a superstar, mum even got her to walk and trot over a single pole. This is something that had been tried previously but she gave it 5ft of air but she seemed so relaxed. Mum knew she would be ok.

On Monday  and Tuesday I lunged her and I got my Monty Roberts on, I did some join up, I had her following me around the lunge pen  without anything attached to her and she followed me over a few poles and through some barrels, we even reversed through the barrels she was such a good girl.

Just waiting for the wind to die down before I get on her, but the ground work is doing her good, I feel that I am really gaining her trust.