Saturday, 31 December 2011


Its been 3 weeks now since I started my part time job, I feel like a could sleep for a year. From the  Christmas Buzz (14 people and 6 dogs), 4 horses to exercise, general socialising and work, I'm going back to school for a rest! Its been tiring but amazing and given me a little taste of what it will be like when I leave school. I am so lucky to be working for Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl, I am learning so much and its a priviledge to work in such an amazing set up and I get to hack out their gorgeous horses. (I have a personal favourite - Denato)!

One of my Chrtistmas presents was a British Dressage Membership so I shall be putting into practice what I have learnt at work!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Radio Interview!!!


I had my first radio interview yesterday it was amazing but incredibly nerve racking , I don't think I have ever been so nervous I was shaking.

I wasn't expecting it to come so early but the dates were changed and before I knew it I was being interviewed for the radio with Micheal from MDR my sponsors (that feels weird saying that!)

It was the most surreal thing to think that I was doing this, anyway we will see how embarrassing it is when it is broadcast next Thursday to 44 different countries!!

This is the link that you will be able to find it on and they have a facebook page to 'like' it if your a member of facebook You will also be able to download it from itunes!

General update on horses!

Well it's definitely hit winter it's very cold up at the Upton's Barn.
But hey ho I have 4 beautiful horses they keep me warm!

Estella: just chilling at the moment enjoying a break just hacking, this week I brought her back into work, I thought it was going to be easier than it was - she leaped and bolted across the sand school which was very interesting!

Yara: Although a new arrival I feel like she has been with us for ages, she has really settled in and is doing really well in her work. I took her to Pycombe yesterday and she was cracking. She jumped a course of jumps 1m to 1m 5 which I was chuffed with, I've never jumped her round a course so it was good to see how she would take it and she went round surprisingly well even with all the fillers in. To improve she just needs to keep a slow steady rhythm around the course as it was just a little quick  but that will come with time and flat work training!

Glimpse: 5 years old and 15 hands but an absolute machine, she has been pinging, she jumped 1m10 in the sand school the last week in a course. I took her to Pycombe with Yara and I just did a little course of 80 to 90cm becasue I didn't want to over face her as it is the first time she has done a proper course with all the fillers in but there was no need to worry she popped all of them. She just needs more schooling again just to help her around the turns to be better balanced but all the natural ability there.

Pearl: She is one amazing hunter that's all I can say she just jumps anything and I'm enjoying hunting her!
Oh and I would also like to say to Lila Millard I will try and keep my blog updated for you, and I hear you went hedge hopping out hunting and jumped 9 hedges.... that's AMAZING!!! We might go to the Olympics together one day!