Thursday, 31 October 2013

2013 Satistics

2013 season's statistics
6 horses, 25 events, 44 classes, average dressage score 31.01, 23 clear sj rounds, 8 xc jumps refused, 28 top 20 placings, 8 top 10 placings, 2 internationals, 1 win!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Know when to stop......

Huge apologies for the eight weeks of silence, truth be told its been a bit of a roller coaster and I have learnt a lot of lessons!

Firle Place International Horse trials 
After Wellington I had four at Firle where Danny had a top 20 placing in the international class and a top 10 placing for Hector in the national classes, it was a great weekend helped by Gary, now a fully fledged member of Team Upton  who drove and groomed, helped warm me up for my show jumping and generally made sure I got everywhere on time whilst Mum organised and fed about 14 people a day out of the lorry! In terms of enjoyment it has to be one of the best of the season, filled with family and friends supporting me and gorgeous weather. The most exciting thing that happened that weekend was when Shaun Lawson gave me 90% ownership in Danny, I cannot thank him enough

Hector flying the 1.10m at Hickstead
Hickstead National Championships was our next outing with Hector, Boo, Danny and Joe, They all did fantastically Danny did a double clear in 1.20m , Hector flew round the 1.10m and Boo showed how special she was and coped with a huge atmosphere at such a young age but special mention must go to Joe as he was in the money in the 1.00m class. We found the first day of showjumping a little overwhelming but luckily with Gary's help we managed to get to grips with the timing and got to most places when we were supposed to!

Worthing Hospital
And then it was the build up to Gatcombe which sadly never happened instead I became ill and that was the start of a long and painful 6 weeks. I was very sick, very dehydrated and in a lot of pain. Later we were to find out that I had got a kidney stone. This was caused by a combination of prolonged hot weather, over exercising, not drinking enough. Unfortunately the repercussions have been great even after I got rid of the kidney stone (the pain is indescribable), because I twisted and writhed around so much I tore a muscle and trapped my femeral nerve. I lost so much weight and I was generally very weak. Of course I didn't take the time off I required..........

South of England U21's
Finally on my feet again and a lot of umming and arrghing from the parents I convinced everyone I was fit enough to do The South of England Open Intermediate U21's, having not competed for a month I was feeling a little nervous. Dressage went well we were in 3rd place going into the showjumping. The showjumping didn't go quite so well and to be honest I was in quite a lot of pain. I could not actually walk very well after the show jumping and there then followed more umming and arghhing. Mum and I went and talked to Tina to get her take on what went wrong in the showjumping and advice as to whether to continue. I wanted to, Mum thought I should withdraw. But after looking at the video, Tina felt there was not much wrong with the show jumping and if I felt strong enough she was happy for me to continue cross country, I am so happy I did, we ended clear and coming 7th!

We'll skip Berkshire College...... oh ok this supposed to be a warts n'all blog. Took Arabella, dressage was not brilliant, clear sj and then two refusals xc. To be fair to her the horse in front of her got eliminated and was circling by the jump and I think it unnerved her a little. We went home with our tails between our legs :(

John - Paramedic and Sports Therapist!
Next up Pulborough, I had kept it quiet from Mum that week that I had not been well and was in pain because I knew that she would make me pull out. We had pulled out Boo as she would have been too much but I had 5 rides, 4 of which were for other people and I did not want to let them down and it was Sarah Millard's horse Hectors first Novice...... This was my facebook status afterwards "Summary of weekend - Soaked through to skin, 10 jacket changes, 5 horses evented, 5 different classes from 80 to Intermediate Novice, 4 different dressage tests, 5 different SJ courses, 4 different xc courses, 1 placing, 2 double clears, 4 clear sj rounds, one stop xc on a first timer. Phew! #eventinglive#needmybed" I owe that weekend though to John in the St Johns Ambulance, if it had not of been for him I would not have been able to ride, he was incredible.

Then off we went to Larkhill with Arabella and Jill Chator, we normally expect rain or snow there depending on whether we are at the beginning or end of the season, this time we got hail! Catherine our groom came along and so did her Mum and Dad. We had a lovely day despite the weather and Arabella did a beautiful double clear to end the season. So we were so pleased.

And that is where I should have left it.............

But no off we went four hours to Somerset with Danny and Hector and that was where I found out my limits, it was one event too far. We pulled out of the xc and came home and ended the season on a fizzle.

And now to rest, recuperate, next week I am booked in to get the treatment I need and then I go on holiday. I will be spending the winter building up my strength with loads of pilates and yoga. Tina Cook has committed to do winter training with me and I am really hoping to get some dressage in with Fiona Bigwood. Got a good feeling about 2014 season.......

Huge thank you's to Sarah Millard, Jill Chaytor, Shaun Lawson, Mum and The Thormans for letting me ride their precious horses, thank you to my sponsors and supporters MDR Photo, Timothy Foxx Clothing, Andrew Reilly, LMEQ and Frances Goodman from Imagine Success. Massive thank you to my trainers Tina Cook, Fiona Bigwood, Ken Spencer, Jon Pitts and Chris Wellings. I could not have got through this season if it had not been for my fabulous groom Catherine Lockyear and Gary Stevens who stepped in as show groom and driver. To Sue Chinn my osetopath who has done such an amazing job of keeping me riding. Ed Lyle our vet. Chris Wellings for keeping the horses backs in good order.  To all the people who have come and watched me and supported me to only name a few Carolyn and George Gorman, Lisa Sparrowhawk, Katie Roberts, Micheal and Lisa Rogers, Jill Chator, Sarah Millard, Grandad.

A massive thank you has to go to my Mum and Dad, they are the most incredible parents and I could not do it without them!!!!!