Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 bring it on!

Since my last blog I did exactly what I said I would do and got the rest I needed together with treatment and a holiday and I feel great and ready to take on 2014.

Hector has been away on holiday and returns to us in a week or so but during that time his stable has not been empty, in fact I feel so lucky as we actually had a waiting list of horses to come in for schooling, which has been really enjoyable, but I must say we have really missed Hector even though I have been going over to Sarah's and riding him and I am looking forward to his return.

Danny had quite a big holiday and is hacking out he is due back in the school next week but before we crack on with any serious work we have Ed Lyle our vet and Grant Laing (my uncle and farrier) coming out to see him together next week, he will be be shod up to xray and also make sure that we have a proper plan to keep him in the best shape for 2014.

Boo is back!
Boo finished her season end of August and had 3 months off as she is so young, I am so excited about her she has come back better than ever and I am going to start taking her out to some shows next week.

Joe had a break from show but has been kept in work and is such an awesome showjumper, his owners live in London and are currently looking for a sharer for Joe as Eliza will be doing a bit of travelling now, in the meantime I will continue to compete him.

Arabella had a small break and then I have continued her winter training, she is going amazingly but she has got quite big and is using her strength against me and we took the decision with Jill to send her back to Ken, he will continue her education and he will event her this season.

So 2014 begins, my training has begun in earnest. My sponsors this year remain the same, we considered trying for more but I have just the right amount and they are all so supportive, anyone new would need to be exactly the right fit. My main sponsor is MDR photo and really Micheal and Lisa are such a crucial part of the Upton team. My main trainers this year will be Tina Cook, Gill Watson and Fiona Bigwood. Tina, Mum and I are meeting for a planning and mentoring session in the next week and I feel so ready........